Partbooks Online

Digital images of Tudor partbooks and some related concordances included in the project are gradually being made available via the DIAMM website. Below are links to those currently available (both newly uploaded and older image sets) . To receive regular updates you may like to follow us on Facebook or Twitter.



GB-Cp: MSS 31, 32, 40, 41 (Peterhouse Partbooks: Henrician Set)

GB-Cq: Old Library G.4.17

GB-Lpro: SP I/246

Gb-Ob:Mus.e.1-5 (Sadler Partbooks)  - plus the binding fragments, GB-Ob: Mus.e.21)

GB-Ob: MS. Mus. d. 103 (partbook fragments)

GB-Och:Mus.979-83 (Baldwin partbooks)

GB-Och: Mus. 984-8 (Dow Partbooks)

GB-Wc: X4/34/3 (Fayrfax Fragments)

GB-WIs: MS 153 (Winchester Partbooks)


Other manuscripts with related repertory:

GB-Lbl: Add. MS 30513 (Mulliner keyboard book)

GB-Llp: MS 1 (Lambeth Choirbook)

GB-WRec: MS 178 (Eton Choirbook)