Past Events

Lunchtime Lecture-Recital

  • Venue: St Peter's Church, Oundle
  • Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2015 13:05:00 BST

Lunchtime Lecture and Demonstration on the Sadler partbooks and their music by Magnus Williamson and members of Stile Antico.

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Tudor Partbooks Study Days: Save the Dates

The Tudor Partbooks project will hold a series of study days between 2015 and 2017. Click to find out further details and provisional dates.

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Tudor Partbooks at the VdGS - Save the date

  • Venue: Nottingham University Music Department, Lakeside Arts Centre, University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD
  • Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2017 10:30:00 BST

A chance to try out recently reconstructed music from the Baldwin and Sadler partbooks.

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Study Day: Print and Manuscript

  • Venue: Upper Library, Christ Church, Oxford
  • Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2015 10:00:00 GMT

A study day on the relation of print and manuscript, taking as its starting point the inclusion of copies of the 1575 Tallis/Byrd Cantiones in the Baldwin Partbooks (GB-Och Mus. 979-983).

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Open Weekend: Digitally Reconstructing Tudor Music Manuscripts

  • Venue: Faculty of Music, St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1DB
  • Date: Sat, 14 May 2016 10:30:00 BST

An open weekend on our digital reconstruction of John Sadler’s partbooks: meet our volunteer restorers, find out about these Elizabethan music manuscripts, have a go at digital reconstruction and hear performances of music Sadler copied.

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Music Manuscripts and Their Afterlives

  • Venue: Great Hall, Sutherland Building, Northumberland Road, Newcastle upon Tyne (by kind permission of the vice-chancellor, Northumbria University)
  • Date: Sat, 09 Apr 2016 10:00:00 BST

A study day investigating what happened to music manuscripts once they outlived their original purposes, co-hosted by Tudor Partbooks and the Plainsong and Medieval Music Society

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Recon 3

  • Venue: Music Department, Newcastle University (18 Windsor Terrace, Room 1.06)
  • Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2016 13:30:00 GMT

Join us for the third of our workshops on reconstructing the polyphony of the sixteenth-century partbooks of John Baldwin.

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Tudor Music Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

  • Venue: IT Services, University of Oxford
  • Date: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 14:00:00 GMT

Help us to add, update and improve Wikipedia entries related to Tudor music. No wiki editing experience necessary!

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Study Day - Thomas Tallis: Chronology, Contexts, Discoveries

  • Venue: Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge
  • Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2015 10:00:00 GMT

This Study Day focuses reconsiders some key pieces of evidence: the antiphon Gaude gloriosa, the motet O sacrum convivium, the vernacular Litany (1544), the anthem O Lord give thy holy spirit, and his employment at Dover Priory.

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Reconstruction Workshop II

  • Venue: Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge
  • Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2015 13:00:00 GMT

A second residential workshop dedicated to the polyphonic reconstruction of the Baldwin Partbooks

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Mini-Recon with North East Early Music Forum

  • Venue: Newcastle University, Armstrong Building, Queen Victoria Road, NE1 7RU
  • Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2015 10:00:00 BST

Workshop day on reconstructing Tudor polyphony led by Magnus Williamson.

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Study Day: Henrician Music in the British Library (Updated)

  • Venue: British Library, London
  • Date: Tue, 12 May 2015 10:30:00 BST

An informal investigation of the key musical sources from the 1520s and 1530s: Harley 1709; Roy. App. 45-48; and the Twenty Songes

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Workshop: Digital Restoration of Manuscripts: An Introduction to Techniques

  • Venue: IT Services, Banbury Road, Oxford
  • Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2015 13:00:00 BST

Learn the basic techniques for digitally restoring manuscripts with an opportunity to have a go for yourself. Led by Julia Craig-McFeely, director of the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (

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Concert: Music from the Sadler Partbooks

  • Venue: St Mary & All Saints, Fotheringhay
  • Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2015 19:30:00 BST

Stile Antico, with Magnus Williamson

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Another Chance to Catch Dr Craig-McFeely's Digital Restoration Workshop

  • Venue: Faculty of Music, St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1DB
  • Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 15:30:00 GMT

A re-run of Dr Julia Craig-McFeely's seminar from 7 January for those who missed it. Find out what digital reconstruction entails and how to get started. Register by 1 February

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Workshop: Editing and Reconstructing the Baldwin Partbooks

  • Venue: Faculty of Music, University of Oxford, St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1DB
  • Date: Fri, 06 Mar 2015 13:30:00 GMT

A workshop on editing Tudor polyphony and completing missing parts using pieces from the Baldwin partbooks

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Digital Restoration for Beginners: Is this for me and how would I get started?

  • Venue: Faculty of Music, University of Oxford, St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1DB
  • Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2015 13:00:00 GMT

Led by Julia Craig-McFeely, director of the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music

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